40 by 40 Bucket

  1. Reach my goal weight of 140 (minus 92 pounds)
  2. Travel to NYC again and really explore the city
  3. Go camping with my family - done June 2012
  4. Run a full 5K 
  5. Purge my garage completely 
  6. Compete in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run 
  7. Finish both boys baby scrapbooks 
  8. Restyle my blog – header design 
  9. Get skin removal surgery on my tummy – 99% sure it will be needed 
  10. Get nice bed linens for my master bedroom – we have nothing 
  11. See Jimmy Buffett again 
  12. See Jimmy Buffett is some tropical location - can't afford this and NYC trip
  13. Visit some tropical location  - See 12
  14. Grow my hair long – Bra length - Done
  15. Paint my master bedroom 
  16. Fix up back yard 
  17. Permanently weigh less than my hubby – bounce back a forth on this one 
  18. Stay at the Crystal Cove Cottages 
  19. Learn how to properly use a drill 
  20. Brew my own beer – probably cider 
  21. Wine tasting in wine county – so many choices in CA 
  22. Redo my master bath
  23. Paint my bedroom 
  24. Create an outdoor eating area 
  25. Do 5 full push ups 
  26. Run / walk the Tinkerbelle half marathon - Done Jan 2012 3 hr, 4 min
  27. Stop taking Metaformin 
  28. Go on a girls weekend somewhere 
  29. Have houseplants again 
  30. Put pictures in my hallway 
  31. Finish all my unfinished scrapbooks 
  32. Have a more organized house 
  33. Have a veggie garden year round 
  34. At least 2 cooking classes 
  35. Do something with my mom that she has never done
  36. Improve my kids food choices 
  37. Get a Brazilian wax job - scared 
  38. New dishes for kitchen 
  39. Discover a different career path 
  40. Complete all painting of downstairs
12 & 13 Replacements - humm..

My 40th is will happen in May of 2013.  So that came and went so I made this a bucket list instead.  #35 is obviously out.   Mom never really had an interest in exploring.  I didn't force the issue because that's nots fair.  I would have done anything she asked.