Monday, September 16, 2013

Adjustments, schedules, on my

Left is full of alterations, changes, movement, adjustments.

See I had this pan to wake up at 6 am daily.  But life gets in the way.  It's not an excuse, it's an adjustment.  

The other night was a perfect example of this. Both kids spent night in a fort downstairs.  They finally settled at 10:30. Really late for them.  Well low and behold when hubby was getting ready for work at 3:30 am the boys were up and talking.  Um no way in hell. No way am I going to deal with 2 grumpy boys all day. So I had the little one come in bed with me.  He does this often.   No way am I going to wake up at 6am and disturb him where he will get up.  I adjusted and continued to sleep with him.  It was a weekend so no immediate plans. 

I am having a hard time adjusted to school schedule.  It's only been a week for us here.  We start really really late.  My idea was get up at 6am, do my workout for 30 min, shower and then do the kids stuff.  It's not enought time.  School Starts at 8am so we have to leave by 745am at the latest to drive, park, walk, etc.  Between 6am and 7:40 I have to also get breakfast for kids and myself, pack lunches, be the cruise directior "you brush you teeth, eat now...etc", pack backpacks.  I just can't seem to get the shower and workout in among all that.  Typically after drop off I am either heading to an appointment or working on PTA stuff at school so a shower before is necessary.  I really don't want to wake earlier.  I detest 6am as it is. 

I thrive on doing things for others and often let's MY stuff fall by the wayside.  For example I had no problem spending 3 hours at the school going thru membership forms but then I get home and I'm too pooped to do MY stuff.  I managed to rally after zoning out watching a show.  I managed to get my workout in, finish my laundry, clean kitchen, install home organizer, school pick up, soccer practice, deal with both kids attitudes (draining), homework, dinner, and on.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trips done, I'm ready to move forward

It's 9pm here and I'm sitting on the remaining parts of my couch re watching last weeks Breaking Bad. I say the remaining parts of the couch because most of it is in my other room being used as a fort.  School starts Tuesday so I figured I would let's the boys have a last summer romp.  The boys are still up watching a movie.  My hubby is upstairs asleep.  He leaves for work at 4 am in the morning.  sexy night huh!  We finished out last trip of the summer on Thursday evening.   Friday I spent time picking up pieces and then a glorious afternoon at the beach.   Today was my first time as a mom with 2 kids in sports.  You see hubby works weekend, all weekend long so I'm basically a single parent carting around to sports all weekend.  He has been working weekends for almost 9 yeas..

Now that the summer trips are done I am more than ready to get some things done around here.   Its not just about my body it about all aspects of my life.   I will go into more detail later. 

Considering I really only competed 2 full weeks of the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution I decided to start over with day 1 on Monday.  I have basically maintained my initial loss plus or Minus bloating here and there. I want to also do my measurements is time.  

I had a rough time visiting my dad this week.  His grief over the loss of mom is very heavy right now.  On our visit we spread moms ashes.  It is an overwhelming feeling of knowing I am all he has, only child here.  I am not used to my parents being a strong part of my life.  They were always on the outer rim based on proximity and preference, theirs and mine.  Well,  now with mom gone we have entered a whole new ball game.