Sunday, August 25, 2013

WLS and how it's affects me

I will say this now and get it over with.  I will never get weight loss surgery (WLS) unless something absolutely crazy happens in my life.

That being said I am surrounded by WLS people.  There is the cute, fit blonde on the PTA who had had a gastric bypass.  My cousin over a year ago had a gastic sleeve and she is tiny.  Lately it's two of my really close friends.  One got the gastric sleeve in early June and the other in early July. 

As a friend it has been a strange transition.  These are two people where our normal outings were typically were surround by food.  Both friends were far bigger then me by at least 40 pounds.  Well friend 1 lost 50 pounds within 2 months.  The other friend is close to the same.  I would love to magically drop 50 pounds off my body in a blink of an eye.  

Truly it is frustrating to me.  I am struggling with being happy for their success. As I've said I would never ever do it.  I don't like the concept.   Logically I know a large large portion of their weight loss can make eating liquids only for weeks and then soft proteins.  Long term we will see how it goes for them.   

It is also amazing how differently each friend is approaching how they eat and how they "follow" the rules.  Let's just say PBnJ and potato chips don't seem like the best choice.  


  1. I have watched others go through WLS. I also would love to drop the pounds fast. But until I know I am giving my 100% and not getting results, I'd never consider it.

  2. Totally agree. it's been a battle for sure.