Monday, August 26, 2013

Trip review, need sleep

I am wiped, it's Sunday as I am writing this post.  2 weeks of multiple trips, done.   I left for my first trip on August 12 after many many errands. The boys and I met up with a group of friends in palm desert area at a timeshare resort.  I mentioned this trip in a previous post.  I returned on that Thursday. During that trip we went to a waterside park.  It was fun.  My neck hurt from keeping it up on the rafts.  I thought about how I had absolutely no problem walking around in my bathing suit all day long and joining my kids on the slides.

That Friday I had errands in the morning and a birthday party about 45 min from my house.  Saturday was trip 2 prep.  Sunday the whole family left for our big camping trip. We were heading to Big Sur on the California coast.  Absolutely gorgeous area.  The first leg we drove a large portion of the way and stayed the night in a hotel in Pismo Beach.  I wanted to visit a college roommates new deli that specializes in gourmet potato chips.  Monday morning we drive up the crazy curvy highway one.   We hit our campsite in the afternoon.  Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is amazing.  We stayed 4 nights and left Friday for 8 hour drive home.  Saturday night I went to a local campsite with my boys and camped the night with our Boy Scout troop.  I slept like crap but the boys had a blast.

our site
me and little one

hubby and big boy exploring way up top

What does this have to do with my Jillian Michaels program.  I decided to take a break because I could see a feasible way to get the 6 weekly DVD workouts in while on these trips.  On both trips I was very active.  Especially on the camping trip.  We hiked, biked, and boulder climbed.  

Monday am I am going to redo the week 2 workouts to get back into the swing.  I know that week 3 workouts are a bit more progressive.  I will clean up the eating to be lighter and on program.  I went off a bit on the trips.  School starts Sep 10 around here so I am in prep mode after camping clean up mode.

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