Sunday, August 11, 2013

JMBR days 9-14

Weight day 8 = 218.8
Weight day 15 =  218.8  In am on aug12
Loss = -0

I am good with the weight and no loss for a few reasons.  The day before I ate too heavy.  The morning of the weigh in I had major stomach and bloating issues.  All this combined tells me it wasn't a true weight.

This week was a bit rougher.  I was hungry often and suffered a ton of cravings.  I think it is because my dinners haven't been as clean as they should be.  Plus not eating after dinner has been an adjustment.  The plan calls for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.   The snack to dinner and dinner to bed times are harder for me.  Especially on days when I am up and moving early.  

The exercises are great but I did skip 2 cardio sessions.  For one I mopped the whole house, the other I took a true break. The outside of my right leg is hurting a lot.  It's a tendon hurt not a muscle building hurt.  I've been using Bio Freeze, ice and massage on it.  Today it is much better.  Regardless of skipping the cardio I still got in 4 workouts this week.  4 is far better the none 

I need to improve on the waking up front. I let it all go and stayed up late for multiple reasons, stress, Breaking Bad season 5 review, orange is the new black, etc.  plus on Monday might I am leaving for a trip and returning Thursday then leaving on another trip Sunday.  I kind of figured why bother sticking to a sleeping schedule if I'm on vacation.  

Trip 1 is with a bunch of my girlfriends and their kids.  We have been doing this trip since my 9 year old was a toddler.  We go out to the dessert and stay at a timeshare with cool pools, lazy river, etc.  There is 5 moms and 11 kids between us.  I am bringing my own breakfast and lunches, dinner will be shared but my girlfriend and I shared our request to the others to keep the food of the lighter side.  This trip will be a challenge for me in 2 ways.  One is making sure I get the workout in.  Two will be food, it always about the food.  I don't want to over eat.  I don't want to eat crap.

I am a bit bit late on getting this out.  I am out of town with spotty Internet connection.  Yesterday we all spent the day at a watermark.  It was fun and I had no problems walking around all day in my bathing suit.  My neck hurts from keeping it up in the rafts on the rides.  


  1. Have fun on your Vacation! Remember that even leisurely swimming burns an incredible amount of calories, so spend lots of time in the pool. I prefer the backstroke because you can breathe more regularly and easily, which helps if you are trying to get cardio in.

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