Thursday, August 8, 2013

JMBR Day 1-8

JMBR = Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  If you want more details you can go here.

I started the program on July 29, Monday. 

Before I even started I had decided I needed to be more consistent with my sleep / wake patterns.  With that I decided I need to get up the same time every day.  So I choose 6:30 am and then switch to 6am when school starts.  Before that I was overdoing it on sleeping in.  I think part of this had to do with my depression over all that has been happening this year.  As my husband said its time for me to pull up my bootstraps and get going.  With this change I decided I wanted to workout first thing in the am.  Get it done, shower then start my day.  See part of the problem in my house and life is that consistency is a 4 letter word.  But to be successful in fitness and weight loss you need to be consistent.

The food program is great.  It had a 7 day kickstart if you choose.  I choose to skip it because I didn't want to go to extremes.  Food is my issue.  I knew that easing into it would be best for me.  The regular program is very clean but still has some bread carbs in it - love love.  I have been going to bed hungry but that's normal, that's how I should feel.  My dinners in week 1 need some improvement for sure.  I also need to work on the veggies.  I have a hard time getting them in.

The exercise is 3 phases with multiple workouts and cardio sets.  Week 1 was workout 1, workout 2, cardio1, workout 1, workout 2, cardio 1.   Yes if you are keeping count that is 6 workouts in a week.  Luckily they are only 30 min, which is perfect but sweat inducing.  Despite my weight I actually have a decent level of core fitness.  I also know how to position and move my body properly most of the time while working out.  With that in mind the workouts were not insanely hard.  For a real beginner I'd suggest paying careful attention to her corrections. 

I am over the moon thrilled with a 4 pound loss.  Funny thing is all week even up to Sunday I was toying with a 2 pound loss but the Monday am weigh in was a great shocker.  So shocked I had to adjust my goal for week 2.  

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