Sunday, June 2, 2013

Start fresh June 2013

Weight = 218.2

Goal for June = 210

So yeah it's June 2, technically I should have weighed I on June 1.  Oh well, a day late but not a pound short, that's for sure.  As it stands I am writing this at 9:30 pm on June 2.

I am going back to basics. Bare bones basics. 

I have this messed up mentality with my regain.  I think it shouldn't be this hard to remove the weight the second time.  Stupid!  Guess what it's just as hard.  Requires the same effort as the first time.

So here is my how;
1.  Weigh in and update Sunday -my weeks are just too busy right now, always
2.  Log my food.  I will use a combo of a handwritten journal and my fitness pal
3.  Water water water - min 96 oz daily
4.  Blog, journal, keep my health on the forefront of my mind
5.  Exercise

This week;
Track my food.  Keep the portions under control and mindful.  Exercise at least 4 times. Make myself my number 1 priority first.

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