Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spring cleaning

Not sure where my bug is coming from.  I don't know if its from the proverbial spring cleaning. Maybe it's turning 40 and I want to make some effective changes in my life.  Maybe I want to grow up, finally.

One project of the many I've been working on is redoing my closet.   It's a major low budget redo.  The only purchase I made was hangers.  Eventually we may get the closet completely re done especially its since its about to fall down.  We are re doing the bathroom where the closet is since that too is about to fall down.  I'm waiting for me tub to fall into my kitchen.

Before pics

I purged about 2 bags of clothes.  It was a combo of stuff I took from moms closet that eventually I decided not to keep and the other was stuff I don't wear or was stained.   I moved out all my thinner clothes (195 to 185).  I put then on the top of the closet and in a space bag.   

Not a dramatic change but still It's crazy I love the new look.  I love the organization.  I love the clean look.

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