Monday, June 3, 2013

Not so bad June 3 - proverbial day 1

Today was a great day all around.  Granted its 4:15 so it's still not over.  I went to bed way too late last night is I had a rough start, luckily my neighbor decided to take the carpool so I got a chance to snooze a bit more with the tornado 4 year old.  He decided to sleep in today.

Finally got moving and went to a pre arranged play date at the park.   Major multi tasking there.  Kid played with friends, I chatted with friends while also making my to do list, writing checks for the PTA and texted others about various questions.  Before we headed out I grabbed my tea with stevia and whey protein mixed with water.

Home for yet another estimate on my master bathroom (details later) and more PTA treasurer duties.  Back to school pick up but before I had 4 slices of turkey on wheat with sweet pickles, I waited a bit too long to eat.

Back home ago where I finished my closet project, see post coming up.  Was it on my written to do list, no but regardless it felt great to purge and finish something that has been process for a few weeks.

Now we are off again to a bank, eye dr and scout meeting at an indoor trampoline park.  Need to make sure I eat before.  

Update - 9:30 pm
Meeting was fun and productive. Kids played while parents planed next 6 months for scouts.  My little ones started feeling sick, peed his pants and pooped, got home and he had tummy issues (d-train).  Picked up house, snuggled with sicko, argued with hubby, logged food.  I ate 1342 calories, no exercise today.  Need more water before I retire and make up with cranky.

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