Monday, June 10, 2013

Day in The life-crazy??

I felt today was a normal on the busier side kind of day for me.

Alarm at 6:30, couldn't for life of me get up, neighbor texts at 7 that she we take, phew, a bit of a break.  Kids up, breakfast, shower, etc.  4 year old and I out the door at 8, someone already texted to see where I was.  At school writing checks for PTA expenses and helping clean PTA room.  Dropped of glasses at eye dr.   Back home and some computer work.  Called a friend and found out about a park play date.  Went to park play date. Did craft, socialized, left.   Bought lunch and picked up glasses.

Took 4 year old to open gym time and local kids gym.  He played, I watched and read a Sesame street booklet on when families grieve.  Back to school to write more checks and help friend deliver popcorn to classes.

Home again, a bit of much needed cleaning, some tv watching. Some more stuff.  Argue with 9 year old about his money earned and class he doesn't want to go to.  Take him to his class at 3:30. Home again, made some needed calls and appointments, pick up kid at 4:30.  unintentionally crash in my bed until 5:30, Make dinner, do dishes and leave house again.

Arrive at boy scout graduation at 6:30 come back home about 8pm.  Pick up more, a bit of tv, more dishes.  Get kids in bed and done by about 9:15, it's a process.  More dishes, there was a lot from weekend baking for a baseball party.  A few other things, reading, bath, and blog writing.  

Does that seem like a lot.

I've been having major sleep issues and feeling crap tastic during the day

It's 11:10 pm

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