Monday, June 10, 2013

Day in The life-crazy??

I felt today was a normal on the busier side kind of day for me.

Alarm at 6:30, couldn't for life of me get up, neighbor texts at 7 that she we take, phew, a bit of a break.  Kids up, breakfast, shower, etc.  4 year old and I out the door at 8, someone already texted to see where I was.  At school writing checks for PTA expenses and helping clean PTA room.  Dropped of glasses at eye dr.   Back home and some computer work.  Called a friend and found out about a park play date.  Went to park play date. Did craft, socialized, left.   Bought lunch and picked up glasses.

Took 4 year old to open gym time and local kids gym.  He played, I watched and read a Sesame street booklet on when families grieve.  Back to school to write more checks and help friend deliver popcorn to classes.

Home again, a bit of much needed cleaning, some tv watching. Some more stuff.  Argue with 9 year old about his money earned and class he doesn't want to go to.  Take him to his class at 3:30. Home again, made some needed calls and appointments, pick up kid at 4:30.  unintentionally crash in my bed until 5:30, Make dinner, do dishes and leave house again.

Arrive at boy scout graduation at 6:30 come back home about 8pm.  Pick up more, a bit of tv, more dishes.  Get kids in bed and done by about 9:15, it's a process.  More dishes, there was a lot from weekend baking for a baseball party.  A few other things, reading, bath, and blog writing.  

Does that seem like a lot.

I've been having major sleep issues and feeling crap tastic during the day

It's 11:10 pm

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spring cleaning

Not sure where my bug is coming from.  I don't know if its from the proverbial spring cleaning. Maybe it's turning 40 and I want to make some effective changes in my life.  Maybe I want to grow up, finally.

One project of the many I've been working on is redoing my closet.   It's a major low budget redo.  The only purchase I made was hangers.  Eventually we may get the closet completely re done especially its since its about to fall down.  We are re doing the bathroom where the closet is since that too is about to fall down.  I'm waiting for me tub to fall into my kitchen.

Before pics

I purged about 2 bags of clothes.  It was a combo of stuff I took from moms closet that eventually I decided not to keep and the other was stuff I don't wear or was stained.   I moved out all my thinner clothes (195 to 185).  I put then on the top of the closet and in a space bag.   

Not a dramatic change but still It's crazy I love the new look.  I love the organization.  I love the clean look.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Not so bad June 3 - proverbial day 1

Today was a great day all around.  Granted its 4:15 so it's still not over.  I went to bed way too late last night is I had a rough start, luckily my neighbor decided to take the carpool so I got a chance to snooze a bit more with the tornado 4 year old.  He decided to sleep in today.

Finally got moving and went to a pre arranged play date at the park.   Major multi tasking there.  Kid played with friends, I chatted with friends while also making my to do list, writing checks for the PTA and texted others about various questions.  Before we headed out I grabbed my tea with stevia and whey protein mixed with water.

Home for yet another estimate on my master bathroom (details later) and more PTA treasurer duties.  Back to school pick up but before I had 4 slices of turkey on wheat with sweet pickles, I waited a bit too long to eat.

Back home ago where I finished my closet project, see post coming up.  Was it on my written to do list, no but regardless it felt great to purge and finish something that has been process for a few weeks.

Now we are off again to a bank, eye dr and scout meeting at an indoor trampoline park.  Need to make sure I eat before.  

Update - 9:30 pm
Meeting was fun and productive. Kids played while parents planed next 6 months for scouts.  My little ones started feeling sick, peed his pants and pooped, got home and he had tummy issues (d-train).  Picked up house, snuggled with sicko, argued with hubby, logged food.  I ate 1342 calories, no exercise today.  Need more water before I retire and make up with cranky.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Start fresh June 2013

Weight = 218.2

Goal for June = 210

So yeah it's June 2, technically I should have weighed I on June 1.  Oh well, a day late but not a pound short, that's for sure.  As it stands I am writing this at 9:30 pm on June 2.

I am going back to basics. Bare bones basics. 

I have this messed up mentality with my regain.  I think it shouldn't be this hard to remove the weight the second time.  Stupid!  Guess what it's just as hard.  Requires the same effort as the first time.

So here is my how;
1.  Weigh in and update Sunday -my weeks are just too busy right now, always
2.  Log my food.  I will use a combo of a handwritten journal and my fitness pal
3.  Water water water - min 96 oz daily
4.  Blog, journal, keep my health on the forefront of my mind
5.  Exercise

This week;
Track my food.  Keep the portions under control and mindful.  Exercise at least 4 times. Make myself my number 1 priority first.