Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Holy Hannah its fricking hot

My fat ass is not ready for summer.  Today my car said the outside temp was 101.   Crazy thing is just a week ago it was rainy and high 50s.  Crazy swing in temps.  I was pulling long sleeve shirts and pants out of the dryer today.  The swing is insane. I don't like being hot unless I'm in the water.  I'm not happy with all the extra layers I have..

The summer challenge stated and I made a big mistake in the beginning.   I went too hard, too fast, too soon.  I killed my body and I was beat down to oblivion.  I also got competitve at a workout and pushed myself too hard.   My strength is still there, the endurance isn't.  Food choices are all across the board. 

Someone in the challenge lost 8 pounds in the first week.  Piss off.  Low and behold this same person stopped drinking her 3 monster energies a day.  Well hell if I drank like that I would lose quick.  The sugar and caffeine alone equal so much water weight.  

I want to feel better and look better.  The puffy fluffy body is bad.   I do read all the blogs bit honestly I don't have time to comment.  Plus the commenting is frustrating.  I read all the blogs I subscribe to on Flipboard on my iPad.  It links to google reader somehow.   I know it's going away but I don't know how to transfer.  Chubby McGee if you are reading this you are beautiful with you cute tush and flat tummy. Yes,  it is flat.  

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  1. ARGH! I'm dreading the heat coming this way! I'm with you: I only like being in the water when it's hot! I sweat unnaturally so and the slightest spike in temps sends me dripping all over myself. I hate it! Grrrrr!

    Keep working on that endurance. It'll come! It'll come! I remember being 230-something lbs and starting the Leslie Sansone DVDs and almost passing out and/or not being able to finish one stinky-dinky mile. Pfffft! I kill it now. I know you'll get your endurance back. Just stay consistent and you'll see an improvement so fast! Remember, too, that sometimes you have to push yourself. ;)

    Hang in there and keep your eyes on the prize.