Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conversation summary

The other day I had a phone interview with a holistic nutrition coach.  It was a strange conversation that I am still thinking about. 

Before the call I filled out a Heath history.   Resistance weight loss, felt best in 2010 when I hit 185.   Etc etc.  We talked about my goal.  I said 140 to 160, she said why is that because of the diet industry.  Ummm, no it's because when I hit 185 I wasn't done.  I still had lots of excess fat on me.  But I also have no idea what my ideal weight will be since I have always been big since early 20s.   Crap next week I hit 40.  20 years of being somewhere overweight.  Crap I never thought about it that way,   that's crazy.

So she asked me to visulaize myself at that weight.  Then Imagine my love life, my career and my finances.  How would would those things be bette at my goal.  Well I said no change.  I think this shocked her.  My career was fine when I was overweight and working.  My finances are fine now at wont change with weight.  My husband loves me now and will love me then.  I not very different from when I got got married 12 years ago.  Will I feel better?  yes.  Well I be happy to not have red mark from my pants and welts under boobs from my bra.  My confidence doesn't stem from my weight.  I don't beat myself up constantly about how I look.  

We talked about food and I mentioned I eat deli meat at lunch.  She claimed deli meat is processed.  Come on.  I'm getting a bit tired of the crazy.   A nice piece of sliced turkey that looks like turkey is processes?  I don't think so, come on.

I don't think I need her help.  I have the knowledge.  I can do the research.  

Holy Hannah its fricking hot

My fat ass is not ready for summer.  Today my car said the outside temp was 101.   Crazy thing is just a week ago it was rainy and high 50s.  Crazy swing in temps.  I was pulling long sleeve shirts and pants out of the dryer today.  The swing is insane. I don't like being hot unless I'm in the water.  I'm not happy with all the extra layers I have..

The summer challenge stated and I made a big mistake in the beginning.   I went too hard, too fast, too soon.  I killed my body and I was beat down to oblivion.  I also got competitve at a workout and pushed myself too hard.   My strength is still there, the endurance isn't.  Food choices are all across the board. 

Someone in the challenge lost 8 pounds in the first week.  Piss off.  Low and behold this same person stopped drinking her 3 monster energies a day.  Well hell if I drank like that I would lose quick.  The sugar and caffeine alone equal so much water weight.  

I want to feel better and look better.  The puffy fluffy body is bad.   I do read all the blogs bit honestly I don't have time to comment.  Plus the commenting is frustrating.  I read all the blogs I subscribe to on Flipboard on my iPad.  It links to google reader somehow.   I know it's going away but I don't know how to transfer.  Chubby McGee if you are reading this you are beautiful with you cute tush and flat tummy. Yes,  it is flat.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday may 10

I'm sitting here, eating my breakfast of cottage cheese and an Ezekiel muffin, thinking about blogging and the scale, etc.

I wish I had more time to blog. I feel like I barely have time to breath lately. So many balls to juggle.

I joined the summer competition. Been working out consistently for 2 weeks. Major ouchy here and there. Lots of fatigue the first week. Strength is still there but endurance is in the crapper. Here is a major pisser. Of of the ladies said she lost 8 pounds in the first week. Well low and behold she went from drinking 3 monster energy drinks daily to 0. Figures! If I ate crap I could loose 8 pounds but I don't eat crap 70% of the time.

I have so much more but no time. Off to work!