Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things that make you hmmm

I cannot stress this enough!!!! -Chelsea

It's amazing how many people to this day are solidly convinced that the top triangle is the way to go. No people, it's all about food.

I like this video. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=rgaqwFPU7cc&feature=player_embedded&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Ffeature%3Dplayer_embedded%26v%3DrgaqwFPU7cc

Fun illustration. For me 2000 is a bit high if I want to be in weight loss mode, more like 1600.

I am seriously contemplating joining a summer weight loss challenge. It starts may 1 to June 12 and has a chance to in $400. It is at a gym where my former kettle bell instructor works and I love the gym. The other day hubby asked what can he do to help me get going. I was honestly stumped for an answer. Tomorrow makes a month since mom passed.

Saturday, April 13, 2013



Returned home on Wednesday and have been running steady since. 2. 1/2 weeks away. Yikes. Along with all of moms stuff I brought home I have a ton of crap to do. It's a bit overwhelming but I am just taking it bit by bit.

My weight is bad. I was fooling myself into thinking I wasn't eating that bad at dads house, I was. Sure I was walking but that wasn't enough.

I was 219 on Thursday morning.

I have a mini goal of 200 on my 40th birthday on May 22. More on that later.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Added another

Tomorrow is going to be so difficult for me. I have been with my dad since March 24th. 2 1/2 weeks away from my home and family. Sure the time and reason for me being here sucks but its also way different from home life. Dads house is quiet, nothing was demanding my attention and the only needs I had to meet were my own or sometimes dad. When the boys came to visit Thursday to Sunday it was a big smack in the face. It will also be hard to leave my dad. He even said it will be hard coming home to an empty house. I feel like I'm being pulled two directions.  Dad's house deck in pic, peaceful  quiet, so unlike my house.  There is even a small river in the background.

Let me explain. I am only child but my parents were easy. We never had the relationship where I needed to check on them, call often, or make sure they did such and such. I feel with moms passing I now feel like I added another child. That may be harsh because dad is perfectly fine, semi healthy at 65 and capable. But still I have added another worry to my worry plate. He lives so remote, has 2 big dogs and few friends. What happens if one of the dogs trip him and he breaks a leg. I have suggested a life alert or something.

Exercise - I will admit it here, when I had the infection in my arm last November it scared the crap out of me. I stopped all intentional exercise from that point. I had some days here and there but nothing consistent. After mom passed and during my 2 1/2 weeks at Dad's I walked 2 to 3 hilly miles at least every other day. I honestly thought I would have a hard time but I didn't. My fitness has somewhat remained.  I seriously thought I would be super out of shape.  I am pleasantly surprised that its not as bad.