Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What did you do on a Tuesday night at 730

After tucking in my mom at 730pm i had a ton of nervous energy. Yes I said that correctly I had to tuck in my 65 year old mom in bed. So what did I do with the energy. Did I stuff my gullet with treats to calm myself down. NO

I chose to scrub the fifthly stovetop and clean out the fridge. Yes, at 8pm I was scrubbing a stove and cleaning out a fridge. That's why I am here without my kids. I am here to help my very stressed out dad. Seems like every time I come here I am cleaning bad food out of the fridge. I think its one of the many things Dad just doesn't get to or do. It was my moms thing. Dad has been subsisting on quick cook meals, think frozen. Mom hasn't been eating. I want to prep so some food for him but cooking smells make mom nauseous. I will figure something out.

I ask myself if this is really the time for me to be trying to focus on losing weight and getting fit?

Update - above written last night. I am grateful that I am able to be at my parents house for 4 days while my wonderful husband takes care of the kids, including a dr appointment. I am thankful we have at least 1 car that can make the 330 mile 2 mountain range drive. Our other car is nicknamed the blue bomber. We need a new car but don't want a payment. I am grateful I don't have to work full time and would be unavailable to take time off. Yes this week is hard but I need to be here and am thankful I can be.

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  1. Amy God Bless you. Me and Aunt Kathy will probably be coming sometime in April. If you think we should come sooner, please call one of us. We want to make dinner for your parents when we are there, but we will have to play it by ear with your moms condition. Aunt Nancy