Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weigh in 1/8/13, my day, my snacks, challenges

Weight = 212.8
Loss = -2.6

My go to snack / meal of choice is Fage fruit yogurt with ground flax meal. I love that the fruit is separate. Sometime other yogurt are too sweet. Most of the time I only use half of the fruit - less sugar. I add the flax for a fiber enhancement. I get it at my local sprouts in the bulk bin.

Today is one of this days where I am hungry but don't have a ton of calories left. I know it is because I am adjusting to the flub from yesterday.

Tonight will be a challenge. It's book club night. My girls love to bring the snackies and wine. I have major issue with social eating. I love the variety but I also use the food as a crutch. I am shy and teeter on socially awkward, so I use food to avoid conversation. Tips from a friend - bring hot lemon water, eat before, focus on conversation not the food. All Todd but I feel weak right now.

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  1. GREAT loss! Man...I wish I could pull off that kind of loss in one week. It is soooooooo slow now. :(

    As for the social eating thing, make it a game with yourself! I usually pretend that someone at the party will drop dead if I eat ANYTHING. If I have a bite of something, BOOM!, they die. It sounds sick, but it's kind of fun and it keeps me from indulging on all the foods I'm not usually around at home. Try it! You may find it keeping your hand out of the chip bowl...Lord knows it works for me. :)