Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taking lessons from others

The other day there was a fairly pregnant (volleyball size belly) but very thin women in line in front of me at Wahoos. She was ordering a fish salad. She wanted to make sure it was grilled, no butter and with the no fat green sauce.

At first I'm screaming in my head - geeez you are pregnant, enjoy for shits sake. But then I though again. Maybe girlfriend has major body issues and the swollen belly is putting her over the edge. The more rational thought was that she isn't fat because she makes a conscious effort To be that way.

Pregnancy is not excuse to let go but on the other hand your baby needs some good fat to help it grow. There is macro nutrients your body needs. That one of the big reasons why I love Jillian Michals. She is realistic about diets. Cringes when people go on low carb diets. On her recent podcast she was talking to a women who lost 140 pounds and was having a problems with maintaince. The caller said she would go back to eating like a normal person and the weigh would pile back on. The caller said she lost the weight doing low carb. After some back and forth the caller described her latest normal person lunch was a bacon cheeseburger with fries. This killed JM for a few reasons. JM said weight loss is all about the math but if you don't teach your body to eat you will have problems adjusting. That is not a normal person's lunch. In her example she told the caller you can have a cheeseburger, no bacon one, no fries. If you want the bacon then go with a lettuce wrap. The rest of the day you eat light and exercise. Summary is you calorie balance. The caller said she never counted calories the whole time she lost the weight. What I like about JM is she talks about the balance of it all.

I am not a huge fan of calorie counting but I get the mechanics of it. It is a necessary evil if you are eating more than chicken and veggies all day.

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