Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions.... Sort of

My official New Years weigh in......

I was at my parents on the first and driving all day. Start is today.

So that is a gain of 10.8 for 2012. Not an insane number.

Unfortunate that also means a gain of 30.4 from my low of 185 from March 2011. That sucks ass.

Moving onward. That's all I can do right!

I could write about my new year resolutions but are they any different than every year? not really. Same as most.... Blah blah lose weight, blah blah get organized. Etc etc. so I figured I would try something different. I will set monthly objectives and a few larger goals. I will also include some rewards.

By Jan 31 I will:
1. Weigh 210 pounds
2. Have my downstairs bathroom remodel done *
3. Exercise 30 min at least 15 days
4. Track my food with either my diary or my fitness pal app 70% of the month. 31 days in jan minus 2 days for 1st and 2nd = 20 days.
5. Project plan master bathroom and little one bedroom remodel
6. Prep for scrap booking weekend in feb
7. Plan son's 9th birthday

Bigger goal will be 200 pounds. I am thinking by March. When I hit it I want to redo all my makeup. I really have crap for makeup. My tornado (3 year old boy) destroyed most of it and I am making due with a few piecemeal items. I have no lipstick. I rarely wear makeup but maybe I will start more often. My blonde lashes need emphasis.

My chicken scratch food journal

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