Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm dealing the best I can

I had a whole post written and I lost it completely.

My stress level has increased 10 fold. My mom has to make a big life changing decision. Mom has been fighting kidney cancer for 4 years. The chemotherapy was a tool to continue her life and stop the growth of the tumors. It was never going to cure the cancer. She needs to decide if she wants to continue chemotherapy. Her body has been destroyed. She really hasn't been living. She has been existing between the couch and bed for months. Unfortunately my parents live 330 miles away. It takes me a full day to travel there. I have to put aside some of my own "things" to visit them. That make my issues with balance even harder. Last night I had a tough talk with my mom. I told her I don't think she should continue. It's a big decision because there will be no turning back. I just hope she will have a twilight period of feeling better and able to do things before she enters hospice care.

I managed to get in a small hike yesterday. I want to get in the treadmill today but I hurt. I have a headache, I'm cold, achy, tired and feel like crap all over. Hubby asked if it was my mom or potential flu. How would I know. I am tracking my food today and not going off the rails no matter how tempting.

If you use my fitness pal my ID is mommaceo. Friend me.

It's 3 pm. I'm trying to motivate. Or maybe throw the towel in on today.

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  1. Amy you may feel like you did a tough love talk with your mom, but it may be what she needed to hear. I too wish she could be feeling better before going to hospice. She has fought a hard battle and was very brave at doing it. God Bless all of you.