Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holding steady

My weight is staying at the low of 211. I will make my goal of 210 for the end of the month.

I am heading out of town on Tuesday to my parents to help out my dad. He is overwhelmed with the care of my mom. She has been very very sick for a long time. The cancer dr said she doesn't have enough cancer in her body to be this sick. She will eventually. She is getting another scan this week. It might be a very bad reaction to the chemo.

I won't be able to weight in on the 31st. I will on on Saturday the 2nd. Since I am traveling with no kids, yeah, I will prep some car foods and try not to stop.

The household is improving. The flu hit my 3 year really hard. I got a touch of it. Hubby and big boy have stayed healthy, thank goodness. The house impoloded the last few weeks. Yesterday and today I have been doing major cleaning, dusting, organizing. I am beat but I am trying to remain focused and on task. Finish and move on. Leaving incomplete jobs is frustrating. Unfortunately it means my kids are on their own my of the day. I am working on some life skill with the 9 year old. Folding and hanging clothes. He complains why his brother doesn't need to do this. Um, he is 3.

Below is one of my favorite go to lunches. 2 slices whole wheat, 4 slices turkey, tomatoes, avocado, arugula, super light real mayo, aoil mustard. Yummy comes in about 396 calories.

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