Monday, January 7, 2013

Calorie counting woes

I understand why I need to calorie count right now. I am retraining my body to understand how to eat to lose weight and be clean. I know at some point it will become more instinctive. I understand the concept of calorie deflect. Side note - I listen to Jillian Michael's podcast and she whammies that point in. Love her podcasts, especially now she is a momma.

The quality of what you eat is important. I am a firm believer in whole food eating. I am not eating all organic mostly due to the cost. I can't convince hubby of the benefits of eating organic meats etc. Although I believe in this it doesn't mean I do it all the time. If I did I wouldn't be in the fat situation I am in now.

My frustration with calorie counting is when like me you don't eat packaged food and you cook meals all the time. It make the process tedious trying to figure out what is in your meal. Some shortcuts I use are to not count the veggies like onions etc. They hardly have any calories to worry about. Or I approximate using a known restaurant meal equivalent. Yes that can be tricky. I could be serious under or over estimating the amount of calories. Lets hope it's more on the over.

Today I flubbed in the morning.  School is back in and I was running late.  I left the house without eating, returned to school with son's medicine that we forgot and then my Tornado (3) wanted a donut.  I needed to run an errand in the same center.  I went in the store saying I won't but I left the store in a completely different state.  I know it wouldn't have happened if I had been not running around like a crazy chicken, I had prepared in advance and I had eaten.  I used the res of the day to move on. Did a ton of housework and kept the food under control.

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