Thursday, January 10, 2013

BL from a different perspective and exercise

So Biggest Looser is back. For some reason I have watched this show year after year. There is parts of it I love and other parts that are downright silly.

Last night hubby and I were watching it. Hubby has never been obese. He is thick at times but no more that plus 20 from his ideal. As we were watching they were showing some of the back stories and many of the contestants mentioned in some form or other I have my (kid, etc) I want to be healthy for Etc etc. Well hubby got frustrated at the people and says why don't they just do it. Classic example was TC. They guy gets in a car accident and his seat crushed his kid. The seat probably wouldn't have broken if he wasn't so fat. Did he make any changes since the accident, NO. Hubby is like why not. It's not that simple, not so back and white. Hubby is a black and white thinker.

If just do it where that easy then we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic.

I love the red line. No BS. I hope they keep it.

I am having a difficult time getting to the exercise. Over thinking it, too much on my plate, don't know. Once I get started I will go gangbusters. But it's the getting started. I don't know why such a huge roadblock.

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