Friday, January 4, 2013

A whole in my stomach dear Liza

Hungry. !!!!!!!

I am so hungry right now. Now matter what most of the day I have been hungry yet I feel like I have been eating all day long. Crazy. It's 7 pm and we will be eating dinner soon. I have set my fitness pal to 1800 calories per day. Reasonable. Since Wednesday I have been adjusting to calories reduction. First day my extremities were cold. Yesterday no issues. Today hungry all fricking day long. Below is what I have eating up until today. The egg and ham snack was a 2 in piece square of an egg casserole hubby made with fake eggs.

I have about 600 calories left. Dinner will be ready in a min.

I didn't eat all my meals at one serving. For example early I'm the am I had the toast, then much later I had the fage.

I am using blogger on my iPad. I don't like not being able to put the pics where I want them.

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