Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stressors suck especially right when you are ready to leap

I'm not old. At least I dont feel like I am.
Iam 39 quickly approaching 40.
I am also an only child.
My parents live 350 miles away from me and I have no one else around.

Right now I am visiting. My moms health is declining quickly. She has been fighting cancer for almost 4 years. The cancer will never go away the chemo just keeps it at bay. Parents live in the mountains so their drs and chemo is about an hour drive away. My parents are young at 65. My dad is moms full time caretaker. Come to find out this week that my dad needs a full shoulder replacement. 6 weeks of no driving. How in the world are WE going to manage that.

Im at a loss as to how I could help my parents and still maintain my household.

I thought about having them come down to my area and we rent a place for them to stay, my place is way too small. Maybe dad could rehab near me and I can help with mom. But ... She has her Chemo every other week, and sees the dr every week and my parents had 2 lab sized dogs and a cat. I could try the other way but what about the kids, schools, etc.

Unfortunately the picture is pretty clear that 2013 will be a time of loss for me.

I do have an awesome friend who has already offered to do some option research for me.

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