Friday, December 28, 2012

New day - new all around

I'm back
2012 has been a strange rough year for me. I am heavy. All progress I made over the last few years has gone to shit. I am totally back to square one.

I believe one reason for the absolute decline, hell incline in weight for that matter, decline In health is due to this blog. There is a reason why weight watchers works - accountability. My blog was my accountability. Stop blogging, lose accountability, gain weight. Sure it was not that basic but accountability holds a lot of weight. I'm sure my husband work love me to be weight and health accountable to him but that would kill my marriage. We have a very open and communicative marriage but my weight, food choices, Etc is a no go subject for me.

Admittedly I love knowing some one out there in the electronic blue yonder is reading my blog but honestly this is for ME only. I think that is where I faltered. I will treat this blog as my journal.

I am not sure if its worthwhile or useful to reHash the past year and why I am back to square one. The bullet points would be depression, stress, portion control and lack of consistency everywhere in my life. Don't get me wrong it hasn't all been a landslide. There is some much improved facets of my life just not the weight and Health.

I am in prep mode. I am preparing for the proverbial new year. beginnings. Yes you can view it as a crock of shit or a great plan. Coinciding with the new year is a weight loss competition at hubby's work. It is a $ prize. We won 2nd last year and I Think we got $300

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  1. Me too Amy! Maybe if I can borrow your jacket we can talk about our "plans" for the new year. Making changes is hard as are the changes coming to your life. Here's to a great 2013! Michal