Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gut Check

My visit with my parents was a series of gut checks (GC).

GC #1 - Moms condition is deteriorating and she is no longer the same person.

GC #2 - Because of #1 I have to make choices that may not always be in my best interest. Like skipping out on my planned hike to visit with my bed bound mom an extra day or to help my dad out.

GC#3 - Dad discussing money plans post moms passing.

GC#4 - Dad commenting he doesn't understand my food choices while we were out to lunch at Mimi's Cafe. Also commenting a few other times during the week. Had to admit that I haven't been eating on plan for awhile.

GC#5 - it frustrates me that because of my moms condition, my parents can't do much. It made me sad to hear them talking about canceling a small trip because of health issues and so many unknown factors - no control. They also haven't been able to visit. I want nothing more than to see my parents do the things they want to.

GC#6 - Mom saying I am a binge eater and she wants to see me healthy before she passes.

GC#7 - at breakfast at home dad asked mom if she wanted his last turkey sausage link, she said no. I said I would take it. His response "do you really need it"

This is only a fraction of what I dealt with this week. I am emotionally exhausted.

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  1. Where are you girlie? Miss seeing your progress! Alesha