Monday, July 16, 2012

9 Months

I've been pregnant 4 times in my life. I have 2 beautiful boys. I know I can commit to 9 months.

Another kid - hell to the no!!

Here's the story. I had a wonderful free day with an awesome friend. We walked, shopped, talked, and noshed for almost 10 hours. We talk about everything. No holds barred. She asked if I could commit to 7 days a week clean eating, 5 workout days, how long would it take for me to reach my ultimate goal.

210 current - 140 ultimate = 70 pounds / 2 reasonable per week pound lost = 35 weeks. Roughly 9 months.

I get caught up in the details often. I was thinking. How would I eat. What is the right way. We talked about no dairy and no bread. Ezekiel bread and rice cakes ok. Free fruits and veggies.

What's 9 months worth. I can still be social, just not social eating.

I've done 9 months before.  Why not again?

Is being able to eat the yummys at Bunco really that important?

Can I survive book club without eating?

When it's so simply put it front of you, it looks easy.

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