Sunday, June 17, 2012

My A** Handed to Me

Today I got my a*** handed to me. I arranged a sitter and went to my trainer's super Sunday class. It's an hour and half of torture.

We started with a cardio warmup and the used weighted bars. Next was a circuit with trx, weighted twists, bidi ball push ups, sit ups, shoulder press, Jacob's ladder (torture), ab roller, heavy ropes, tire swings, dead lifts, box jumps and sled pulls. I think we did 2 or 3 circuits. You'd think we were dive, sadly no. Next was bag kickboxing.

I am trying to decide on my blogs direction. Do I continue, quick, revamp? I don't know.


  1. Don't quit your blog, Amy! I appreciate reading it. I have a similar journey. Not always successful... but always present. And I do believe that there will be success for both of us!!