Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back Home

Can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since I posted.  We were out of town Monday thru Thursday.  We had a blast and a blast of super bad luck.  We stayed at Harrah’s in Laughlin NV and went see-dooing and boating on Lake Mojave. 

No matter how much I plan ahead I always seem to running like a chicken with my head cut off right before a trip.  Monday was exhausting and a huge rush trying to get it done.  Hubby worked all weekend thru Monday so all the packing, etc. was on me.  On the way out we stopped at Chipotle in Barstow.  Apparently since my hubby was in a rush I left my entire purse there.  The store contacted triple A who in turn got a hold of me on my cell.  The manager said she would put my purse in the safe until my return on Thursday.  The next day my hubby lost his wallet in the lake (improper closing of the latch on the see-do).  Ok so now with both have no ID, no cards but we did have enough cash to get us thru.  Fast forward to Wednesday and hubby starts the frustrating process of calling the CC’s.  Come to find out MY CARD was used fraudulently in Canada.  It could have been a coincidence because when I picked up my purse, nothing was missing (cash too).  When we retuned the see-doo we borrowed from a co worker my husband hit the trim of his garage with the hatch of my car, taking a chunk out of the garage and ruining my rear wipers.

Even with all this we had two blissful days on the lake. 

River June 2012

I know I am 20 pounds heavier than the last time we meet this group.  I didn’t let any of that stop me.  I wore my suit, I rode the see-do, I jumped off a cliff and I rode the raft thing on the left above.

Hubby asked why I packed so much.  The sad answer is that I don’t know what fits and how I will feel in it at the moment.

I am ready to get it done.

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