Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where Have I Been

I wish I could say some fancy tropical location – sadly NO!

I have been busy just being.

I recently and quickly lost 3 followers.  I am down to 53, I’ve never had a lot of followers.  I think it takes time and effort to cultivate it.  I don’t have time for the effort Winking smile

It made me a bit sad but the reality is – have I been writing, been interesting, been successful – again sadly no.  I am thrilled beyond words to know there is people out there reading my blog.  I hope someone, somewhere might benefit from something I do or say at some point.  It gives untold accountability and a sense of community.  I wish I had more time to cultivate blogging relationships thru commenting and replying to comments.  Know this – If I follow your blog I AM reading it.  I have noticed a trend of limited posts from other bloggers.  BUT – In the end this blog is for me.  It’s an extension of my brain - ha

Part of my lack of blogging is many fold.  Working out 5 days a week, some at 5 am is kicking my lily white butt.  My body is beat up.  Life seems to be running on a busier pace lately.  I am working on getting my 3 year old out more with his peers.  I haven’t had anything I felt was interesting or incite full to share.  I haven’t been successful with true weight loss in a long time and I feel shame and guilt.  Let me spin this a different way.  I am successful with exercise.  I am successful with maintaining my weight.  I am successful with losing inches.  I am successful with my water.  I am strong and fit.  I kick butt in my classes.  I secretly hope my trainer reads this and confirms for me – he’s not one to hand out compliments or atta boys.

At times I have to remind myself I am a mom, with 2 active boys, one being a toddler, crazy hubby schedule and I have my home (all inclusive) to care for.  I may not be working but I work my ass off.  I won’t go into the mommy wars here.  We all, regardless of situations, work our asses off.  Even through I may not be seeing a whole lot dropping on the scale, I am doing it.  It being – exercising consistently, dropping inches, seeing dr’s, taking my medicine, caring for my family, my home, my health, my mental state (seeing a therapist), my mom, and so on

Stick with me!


  1. Some have more time for blogging and for suggesting interesting links, writing motivational posts, listing their daily foods and/or exercise, or just writing thoughts. We are all different. But you are interesting to a lot of people. They may not be commenting, but they are reading.

    Personally, I don't like the daily drama of some bloggers. Sometimes I read and comment, sometimes I do not. If I have my own drama, I don't need theirs. I do try to offer support if someone is struggling.

    Just keep on being Amy. Your life doesn't have to be interesting. Just write about what you have on your mind.

  2. WOW! Thanks Jo I needed that. I LOVE my blog, it keeps me sane!