Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly Weight In 4/3/2012

Weight = 201.2
Loss = NA
Loss for 2012 = –3.6
Total Loss = –30.8
Emotion = all over the place

Fine I will weight in.  I will admit that last Tuesday I was at 203.8.  Insane 7 pound gain in one week.  Vicious food cycle here – I am eating emotionally, I feel crappy from the eating, the food choices cycle cravings for more crap and I continue to eat and feel crappy.  I am really low right now.  Super low.

I am on a fence right now about my blog.  I am trying to decide where I want to go with it right now.  I need to process if I really should be spending time on it in the first place.  It take a lot of time to post.  Time where my toddler can get into trouble, which usually means more clean up time for me.  Stay tuned, I have yet to make a decision, I am working it out.

Today is a good and bad day.  Tonight I will be celebrating my 11th anniversary.  My hubby made the plans which is a very very rare thing.  I have no clue what we are doing.  It’s nice to hand over control sometimes.  I wish I could do it more often.  Sometime today my mom will be getting her CAT scan results from last week.  Honestly I am not trying to be negative here but I know the results will not be positive.  The realistic scientist in me knows this.

Want proof of how low I am.  I cried 2 times writing this post.  Crazy!!!!  I am a bit sleep deprived today.

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  1. I can so identify with that cycle! You just need to get yourself off the crazy, dizzying carnival ride. Just get one good day under your belt. And if that's too daunting right now, go for the next meal. And then the next. And then let the momentum build. You can do this! Remind yourself why you want this.

    As for blogging, my philosophy has been that we should do what works for us and blog if we get something out of it, whatever that is for each of us. Honestly, I can't imagine how I could have done this when my boys were little. Of course the internet hadn't even been invented then!

    Sorry about your mom. Hugs.