Monday, April 16, 2012

Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

Today was day 1 of a 21 day rapid fat loss challenge. My longtime fitness guru Paul is running it. I decided its just the right swift kick in the ass I need. This is not a permanent diet.  Over the next 3 weeks I will chronicle how it is going for me.  It's only 21 days.

Start weight = 204.0
Intense exercise 5-6 days a week
MWF - 4 meals of a fist portion of lean protein, 1 grain (oatmeal, quinoa, black beans, or sweet potato) and 1 green veggie
TTH- 4 meals of 1 lean protein and 1 green veggie
Sat - free for all
Sun - fast

No dairy, no sugar, no other grains, no other veggies (tomatoes boo). There is some more to it, I won't bore you with the details.  The kicker is that I will be doing 4 of my workouts at 5:00 am.

Day 1
Exercise was quick but intense and also simple We were supposed to be at a 7 of 10 for exertion. No sugar or milk in my am black tea sucked but I dealt with it. Paul mentioned a little sugar and milk won't hurt. Tomorrow I will add milk but skip the sugar. I really want to see how zero sugar will make me feel. My legs feel like jello. I crashed around 2 pm.  My head is very clear.  Energy level about a 6 of 10 but dropping as the day goes from the workout.  Right now I am eating spinach, quinoa, and a really dry turkey meatloaf.

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