Friday, April 20, 2012

Days 3 and 4

In day 3 I hit the wall. I was suffering from compound soreness.
I felt hungry for the first time. My body was beat to a pulp. I feel like the walking dead.

Unfortunately my cooler head did not prevail over my tumultuous stomach on Wednesday night.  I had book club meeting.  I brought chicken skewers, totally safe to eat.  Is that all I ate, sadly no.  I didn't over eat, bonus I guess. 

On the plus side (or minus) I am down about 4 pounds since Monday.

On day 4 (thru) I missed my alarm.  I came home from book club at 10:30 (late) so 4:45 was just too early.  I went to the 9am class instead.  No hunger, in fact I forgot to eat, weird.  Soreness subsided and I felt somewhat normal.

I am looking forward to the workout break this weekend.  Bummer is the weekend is when hubby works so not much resting will happen with a dirty house and 2 active boys (and baseball both days).

Saturday is cheat day.  I am worried that it will undo all the work I accomplished this week.

4 days down, 17 to go.

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