Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly Weigh In 3/21/12

Weight = 197.0
Loss = -1.0
Loss for 2012 = -7.8
Total Loss = -35.0
Emotion = Shaky

Sorry I am late with this post. I wrote this already but it was lost in cyberspace and yesterday I was on the road with the toddler (330 miles) so I had limited access.

I am visiting my parents this week. My emotions are super high. Things are not going well in the cancer fighting arena. I can't really got into more details. I hoping to make it thru the week finding the celebration and calm. My travel day, Tuesday, was a major bread festival. I ate my way thru the day. There is no guilt, it happened. I would love to see a loss on the other side of this visit but I am not sure that is realistic.

Exercise was great the past week. Mon was off, tue a walk/run, wed was boot camp, thur was off, fri was boot camp, sat a walk/run and sun was hot yoga.

My post might not be too frequent.  We will see.  The toddler is needing nearly constant watching lately.