Monday, March 12, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blahie, Blah

I have a love hate relationship with time change. 

I love that it gets dark late.  I hate its darker in the morning.  I love sunshine.  I hate it makes my kids crazy for a few days.  I love spring.  I hate that I have to pay closer attention to the clock or we will be eating dinner at 7pm.

We are all a bunch of walking zombies here.  No illnesses are the cause.  It started 2 weeks ago when the pacifier fairy gave the 3 year old’s “phier” to a baby since he is a big boy now.  He has been having a rough time sleeping.  In addition he has lost his mind for 2 days in a row now.  I am talking over an hour screaming, crying, throwing things tantrum.  Last night I went to bed earlier than usual (beat), 10pm and even took a melatonin supplement.  Sometime later the 8 year old wandered in crying from a nightmare.  We watched Harry Potter year 1 last night since we finished the book.  Good Idea???  He said he can’t watch it close to bedtime.

The time change is also hard on someone who has to wake up for work on Sunday morning at 3:45am.  Hubby uses his phone for an alarm clock, we didn’t know when the time would change and if it would work.  I woke up several times that night, including at 4:30 am and promptly woke him up.  He wasn’t late for work but he did miss his workout.

My plan for today, even though I want to crawl back in bed, is to stay “on” with my food (hard when I’m mind numbingly tired), do 30min on the treadmill, clean up house and make absolutely sure the toddler gets a proper nap.  I had to skip boot camp this morning and call a friend to take big kid to school because the toddler was going batsh*it crazy at the time.  I want to keep things calm for everyone today and early bedtimes.

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  1. Since I don't have any kids at home anymore who need to be dragged out of bed for school, I like this time change:)