Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly weigh in 2/8/12

Weight = 199.8
Loss = +0.4
Total loss = -32.2
Emotion = Resolved and Purged

I'm a day late. Tummy sickness hit the toddler on the middle of Monday night. I had zero sleep and was in no mood to step on the scale. The other issue was that on Monday night I had a great emotional purging with hubby, aka fight and resolution. It was an exhaustive process full of tears and some yelling. All is good now but the the big picture is that I need outside help.  Weather in the form of talking or a pill or a little of both.

Post race life is not where it should be. I haven't followed an exercise program yet. Lasy day I exercised was Sunday. I've had no desire to do it. Honestly I am enjoying the break. Food wise is sporadic otherwise known as not in control. Between the post race eating, bunco night, big kid party, my parents visit, my friend making loads of homemade bread and Superbowl I have indulged way too many times to have a good weight loss.

Right now hubby and I are on our way to do a midway weight check for the competition. I am fairly sure I will show a loss but not a big one. My resolve is that after this weekend it game on time

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