Friday, February 3, 2012

Race Recap–Tinker Bell Half Marathon 1/29/12

On Saturday I was a bundle of hot nerves ready to explode.  It was a combination of race nerves and too much to do in too little time.  Hubby asked kindly if I could get the floors mopped.  Our entire downstairs I covered in Laminate wood that was super fuzzy and filthy.  He was having a friend over on race day and wanted a cleaner house.  I also had to pack for the night over, have my weight group meeting and some grocery shopping.  I am so happy my friend I decided to stay overnight near the race.  being away from the home and kids allowed me to decompress and prepare.  We live about 30 min away but with an early start time (5:45 am) and parking nightmares a hotel stay over was an excellent choice.  Plus our corral was right across from the hotel (bonus).

The night before we went to dinner and it seemed that everywhere we went we ran into other racers.  It was fun chatting with people about the race.  I slept ok the night before.  We set our alarm for 4am and luckily the hotel provided a continental breakfast and the opened in 2.5 hours earlier for us racers.  We were in the last corral.  Probably just under the banner line in the way way back of the picture below.  I think there was about 10,000 racers.

startPicture sourced from Run Disney Facebook page

It is hard to put into words how the race was.  I will try.  I have to say Disney does a great job.  I saw almost every character was out there.  I didn’t stop anywhere but it was cute to see.  I loved the cheer, dance and band squads scattered throughout the race and the occasional music locations too.  The Read Hats ladies were super cute/  We even had some Marines and a Marine rock band.  There was a ton of turns in the race which apparently for the serious runners that is an issue.  It didn’t bother me at all.  I was very focused once I crossed the start line.  I put my headphones on and went.  It was weird that I really didn’t need my music (normally I do).  I was barely listening to it.  I did intervals of running and fast walking.  No set system, just ran when I could and wanted to.  I get an eye on my watch.  I ultimately wanted to come in at 3 hours even though I did not train at that pace.  I hit 12 miles around 2:50 so I knew trying to make 1.1 miles in 10 min would be hard and too much so I did what I could.  I was a mere 4 min over my actual goal.  It was a goal I really didn’t tell anyone about.

Recovery was fine.  Stairs were painful on Sun and Mon.  The weird thing is that I have been super tired and very moody.  Everything is irritating me.  Don’t know if its related.  I might have spoiled myself by choosing Disney as my first race.

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  1. Awesome job on the race! Yes, maybe others will pale in comparison to Disney.