Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January in Review

Bye to January 2012, Hello February.
Start of Jan = 204.8
End of Jan = 199.4
Total Loss = -5.4 pounds

View my original Goals here.
Weight - Goal 199 pounds.  Technically met this one. I was 199.4 so if you round down I made it.

1/2 Marathon - Goal - finish in 3 hrs and 30 min.  I finished the marathon faster than my stated goal. To be honest my secret goal was to do it in 3 hours.  The night before I shared this with my friend.  For some reason I thought that would be a 15 min/mile but no the night before I discovered in order to meet my 3 hour mark I would have to keep a 13.7 min/ mile pace.  Big difference.

Life goals
Meal Planning
I am really proud of this one. I'd say we ate dinner at the table probably 25 nights. Not 100% before 6pm but still at the table.  Not every night was a family meal, sometimes I had to pull out the old kid favorites like pizza or chicken dinos, while I ate something on plan or leftovers. Regardless of this we still sat at the table without distractions. Even my toddler has gotten into the habit of asking about our days at the table.

Technically we don't have an office (a room with doors) but we have a location on our main floor that serves as office space.  It is technically the family room.  Both hubby and I have been purging the office. Below is the before photos. It's not a pretty sight. I cleaned off all the tops. Purged a bunch of items and dusted everywhere. Hubby worked on scanning files and shredding. 
My LEGO project will be done today. This project requires the help of my almost 8 year old. He uses every molecule in his body to avoid this.  Son and I came to a compromise.  He will still have a bin with scattered LEGO pieces alongside of his organised system.  It is also a difficult task to accomplish with a nearly 3 year old wanting to be a part of the action.  This will probably be an ongoing item but by end of day today the system will be in place.

I honestly think this is the first month I met all my set goals.  How did you do?