Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Deflated Idea

Have you ever been struck with a fantastic wonderful idea then you get struck down because of the all mighty dollar?

Today I had an awesome chance to meet someone who truly might be able to help me. I met with a certified intuitive eating counselor. I love the idea of working with her. Problem is I'm not sure where I can find the funds to do so. I will also have to wait until after the weight competition with hubby (March 15). Apparently the beginning states of intuitive eating work and weight loss don't equate.

A lot came to the surface while we talked. She said I have a lot to deal with right now. I feel like I am at the bottom of a huge mountain. That mountain is a huge transition for me. I imagine at the end of this transition I will be the women I want to be. I'm nearly 39 so if you want let's call it a mid life crisis. That proverbial mountain with be a long, steady, hard, difficult climb.

I want to work with this counselor. I need to figure out how I can do that. I browsed ebay tonight to see if I can sell some things laying (unused) around the house.  Wish me luck.  Another option would be to ask my parents, as crazy as that sounds.  Sometimes being a stay at home has it downsides.  This same night I had a discussion with my son as to why I can't buy him at $14 dollar pencil sharpener for his desk.  Crap thing is that I bought him a cheap small $1 one and it ripped up the pencils.  Total waste and killed the point I was trying to make.

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