Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekly Weight In 1/31/12

Weight = 199.4
Loss = –0.4
Total = –32.6
Emotion = happy recovery

I am happy about my weight.  I know it not a great downward loss but considering all the half marathon stuff and to be honest race eating, I am thrilled with the number.  You should have seen the meal I ate before and after the race.  Night before I had a CPK Tostada pizza and 1/2 order of potstickers.  I ate all but one slice of pizza.  On race day, right after I had a banana and bagel, then about 2 hours after a big breakfast – bacon, cheese and avocado omelet, home fries, English muffin, OJ, and some French toast.  It was a seriously loaded breakfast with all the trimmings.  I knew I wouldn’t be having a breakfast like that in a long time.

Now is the time for me to shift focus and plan out.  Now that the marathon is done I will no longer be doing distance and time training.  Honestly I am happy to be done with that.  It took so much time.  Not to mention I am getting squishy from lack of resistance training.  Right now my ideal week would be – a yoga class, 2 to 3 kettlebell workouts, a hike, and / or running.  I want to run a full 5k non stop.  I have to think about the timing, when and where.

On the food front  - Our (hubs and I) fitness competition ends in 6 weeks.  It’s only 6 weeks.  I can buckle down and make bigger changes to my diet since I am no longer marathon training.  I need to plan out this one to but I think the biggest change I can make is toss the bread out and bump up the veggies big time.

How was your week?

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  1. Glad you seen a loss and hope your week gets better and better!