Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oprah Smackdown

Oprah just smacked me upside the head. I was killing time watching "Oprah's Next Chapter" on NJ governor Chris Christie. Christie is an obese man, probably a morbidly obese man.

The two were discussing why weight is they one thing they (he and Oprah) are not successfully with.  Oprah's asked "why can't you handle this".  She talked about the guilt involved - I can handle so many things but I can't handle my weigh.  Oprah said she is a compulsive overeater and food is her drug of choice. When stressed, she eats. Tired- eats, etc.

Crap balls I am like Oprah. Someone who is crazy successfully in her life can't be successful with her weight. First reaction was oh crap if Oprah can't do it how the hell can I.

Second reaction was that I need help. I need professional help.  This needs work and time and fixing.


  1. I used to think if I won the lottery I'd hire a chef and a trainer and be skinny. No problem. Then I looked at Oprah with all the money in the world and every resource at her disposal and I knew that I was dreaming an impossible dream. There is so much to this thing and it is different for us all but I suspect that all to often it is not as simple as someone just liking to eat.

    Now, that said... Oprah has talked about her emotional baggage on her show a lot. I don't know what, if anything, leads to eating for you. But please don't assume that just because she can't do it, you can't do it. I do however support your idea that you should get help if you want or need it. You deserve this:)

  2. The reason why Oprah with all her money is not successful at weight loss is because she never has the time. She is running all over the place. If she took 6 months off with her own personal chef and trainer, she would lose weight just like she did last time. Also, sometimes successful people do not lose weight because, well, why should they? they are successful. They have money and they can get almost anything they want.

    Many wealthy and powerful men are over weight. It is not like they need to be fit and healthy to get a young and attractive woman.

    Like most things, you just have to want it bad enough. Oprah and Christie don't. I do, which is why I have lost 62lbs without a personal chef or trainer whilst having a full time job and bringing up 2 kids. I do not say that to brag or even suggest it is easy, I just want this change bad enough.. but, if I was wealthy and could have almost anything I wanted, would I still want it badly?

  3. Excellent points. Baggage is an issue. Oprah is probably a classic example of making yourself too busy and avoiding the big stuff.

    Bzybee fantastic job at 62 pounds. amazing.