Sunday, January 8, 2012

Geeze, Can’t Find Time–Too Many Pots

So sorry I haven’t posted.

My parents came down for a visit on Thursday.  We had a great time.  On Friday we went to the beautiful San Diego Zoo.  The kids were fantastic, even the toddler walked 90% of the day with no complaints.  Yesterday we went to the beach and my crazy kids went in the cold water.  There was some bad news shared, I won’t go into details but time will be counted in months not years.

I have 2 majors things in the pot as far as weight loss is concerned .

Number 1 – Hubby and I entered a weight loss competition thru his work.  We are a spouse team named “Conflicting Interests”.  It’s not based strictly on weight.  They do a combination of weight, body fat on the by electric impedance (scales), waist circumference and 3 point fat calipers.  The combination of the 4 measurements gives you a single number to reduce.  It is a cash prize.  If you show progress at half way (5 weeks) and end (10) you get a portion of your $ back.

Number 2 – this came as a Facebook epiphany.  I seen so many local friends want to lose weight in 2012, join Weight Watchers, etc.  So I thought – let’s gather together each week, weigh in and talk.  A weight loss and fitness accountability group was formed.  I have 11 ladies signed up.  I am working out the details of time, etc but I hope we will be starting soon.

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  1. We love the San Diego Zoo! Sorry about the bad news. The competition sounds like fun, good luck! The weight loss group sounds great too.