Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gear Happy Dance

After trying Road Runner, Big 5, Target, Walmart, Dick's, and Sports Chalet I think I finally found some exercise clothes that will work.

Old Navy has a new Active line. I have to say so far I'm fairly impressed.  They fit great.  I don't think the pants will roll off my belly or fall down - 2 common occurrences.  The tank could use a bit more coverage on the ladies but that problem might be just exclusive to me.  I picked up this swag.
2 pairs of compression and wicking capris
2 jackets - 1 heavier
1 tank
3 shirts

All this for about $115. Why so cheap its all on sale until Jan 26.  That's why I wanted to write this.  Check it out if you want. Everything feels high quality and its all wicking with extras like hidden pockets, earbud holes, etc. I will road test today. The line goes to XXL, I was a L on bottoms and XL on top at 200 pounds and a DD. Lots more room for us larger ladies.

Despite the upcoming marathon, my entire exercise wardrobe needed an overhaul.  I am still on the hunt for some shorts.  They all seem way too short.

PS - I'm using mobile blogger so we will see how this works.


  1. Mobile blogging! So high tech. Sounds like you did really well for yourself.

  2. Sweet deals! I'm happy you got new workout digs. I think it'll do loads for your attitude about exercising and such. I know there are days when I am, like, "Ugh! I have to wear the sweatpants that are too long. Oy!"

    Good for you for updating your workout wardrobe!

  3. I have some compression pants that I bought at Old Navy that I love.