Monday, January 16, 2012

Does D = B?

All last week I was dealing with disappointment.

I am bummed that my walking partner and I haven't been able to get the miles in.  I am really bummed that my partner may pull out of the the race outright.  I am not going to push her into something she doesn’t want to do.  It’s not my style.  She has to make the decision on her own if she is going to do the race.  I want her to do it becasue I think she can.

I am really disappointed in hubby’s work and him.  For over 6 months I planned to go away for a scrapbooking weekend in the mountains at a beautiful B and B.  I have been wanting to go to this place for 5 years.  I’m paid in full and its in 3 weeks.  So lets back track to November.  I email hubby a list of dates that he needs to take off so I can attend this retreat.  His incorrect understanding of department policies was that he can’t request time off before 4 weeks in advance.  Flash forward to this weekend.  He CAN”T get the fricking time off.  There is too many officers taking the same time off and there is also 2 people in his area on admin leave (that anther stressor here I can’t get into).  I am trying very hard to not be pissed at him.  He was WRONG about the requesting time off policy.  He could have requested the time off in Nov or even before that.  He is taking the issue up the chain but there is a BIG chance I will have to cancel my weekend, lose $300 and not get the break I have desired for a LONG LONG time.

Add to this, the toddler is sick and I am too.  Not to mention I am disappointed in myself for not getting the miles in and not walking without my partner.  Why do I let other peoples actions dictate my own actions?  I should have walked without her.  I am a magnate for other peoples emotions too.

So why does disappointment = binge for me.  Saturday, in the thick of my disappointment,  I binged on popcorn at the movies and later in the evening I ate 6 Hi buns (red light food for me).  I haven’t binged in over a month.

How do you deal with disappointment in a healthy way?


  1. I used to exercise. That used to focus me and I would spend the hour thinking about everything and slowly coming up with a plan or if I could not fix it, an adjustment to my attitude.

    These days, whatever happens, I just do not turn to food. I have worked to damn hard to 'hurt' myself by bingeing on food. That just adds to the problems. Losing weight and being healthier is one of the main things that brings happiness into my life so continuing to concentrate on that during other disappointments is my key.

  2. I *try* to walk it out, and go walk hills even if I'm disappointed, then after that if I still feel the need to soothe myself in sweetness, I have something, I just *try* to make it in a smaller portion than I used to, and I make sure I either have enough cals or at LEAST don't go over my maintenance cals... These days a "Binge" is maybe 1000cals at absolute most more often than not I'm less than 500 over... I used to have 3000+ binges.

  3. Why is it that so many of us fall prey to emotional eating?! I'd suggest exercise. Some people like things like a bath, but that doesn't do a thing for me. Sometimes I give in to the need to chew but try to choose something healthy and figure it is better than the alternatives.

    P.S. I've been working on my own scrapbooking this week! I can't imaging going somewhere to do it. I'm all spread out on my dining room table and work on it when the mood and inspiration strike. Sadly, seems we took very few photos this past year!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, awesome.

    Karen - I would love to spread my scrap stuff on a table and leave it. It's not the season in my life where I can. My toddler would have a field day with it. He is an out of the box thinker and player. He loves to play with things he has no business touching. Plus it hard to focus on working on my pages when I see a dirty floor, etc. I often either go to a local store for an evening and scrap or go on a long weekend (rarely). Its a fun ladies activity.