Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1, Jan Goals, Resolutions, Can’t Get a Good Title

Ok so maybe not exactly day 1 but I am gonna treat today like it is.  Time to change things around.  Shake it up.  Move on from a crappy 2011 (weight wise).  I will no longer feel bad about my gain.  I refused to feel like a fraud.  I refuse to guilty about my weight and the fact I have failed at keeping it under control.  Its time to rewind back to my successful times and use the tools I have. Onward.  So….

Weight = 204.8
Loss = day 1, no loss
Total = 27.2*
Emotion = Ready

* my absolute highest recorded weight, not pregnant, was 232 in 2007.  As far as I know I never been higher than that.

After reading many resolutions, or non resolutions like Miz FIt and Karen. I have decided to take this a month at a time, hell mostly a day at a time.  I have general idea of what I want to do, thanks Kristen for some of the insight here.  The general ideas are: 

  • Achieve my set weight of 140
  • Have control over food
  • Declutter and organize
  • Maintain household
  • Increase peace and harmony in my life and my family’s life
  • Start 2013 off without talking about losing weight

Jan Goals
Weight – 199, time to get back to ONEderland at stay there forever

1/2 Marathon – Finish within 3 hr and 30min.  There is time limit (16 min mile max) or you get picked up.  At this point my goal is to not get picked up and finish it on my own terms.

Life – Have dinner on table before 6pm.  Work on menu planning and introducing foods to kids.  Begin purging office and finish Lego project.


  1. Thanks for the mention:) I like that you set some specifics, not just the big overall ideas. I hate menu planning!

  2. Lego project? I have two boys that love anything Lego. All of your goals are great goals! Especially menu planning, something I need to work on!

  3. I love your goals and they're completely achievable. It is a "one day at a time thing" and I often look at food and control over it as a kind of 12-step-program. As long as we attempt to stay on top of things and WANT to make an effort to reach those goals, we're going to be just fine. It's when we get frustrated and quit that we really have a problem.

    I'm right here with you, babycakes! We're going to achieve our goals this year. It's 100% doable!!!!