Thursday, December 8, 2011

Underneath it All–Part 2

Part 1 is here.

New wicking underwear was an EPIC FAILURE

This is what I did.

imageLet me explain.  I have no hips.  My love handles are wider than my hips and then my waistline goes slightly in from my handles.  My waist and love handles are by far the widest part of my body.  So with all this loveliness, I need my underwear and pants for that matter to sit above my love handles.  Otherwise it won’t stay up and all the love will be hanging out.  Not pretty.  Pic below explain it all.  That is my normal cotton undies.  Keeps all the bits in.


The new Under Armor underwear rolled under my belly and sat on my pubic bone and double c-section scars.  Nice and comfortable. They also rode up my crack.  They wouldn’t stay put.  When they managed to stay up (briefly), some of my fat would hang out underneath (sorry for the visual).

I am about to chuck the underwear idea and buy some wicking pants and go commando (not a preference of mine).  Heck I might buy the men's running shorts.  You know the ones with the tights underneath looser shorts.  Or maybe I can find some way to make my tush stop sweating.  This is all new to me. 


Is a $30 pair of plus sixed undies my only option.  That seems crazy to me to spend that much on 1 fricking pair.  I really don’t have time for this but I really need a solution.  13.1 miles is a long way to go with a sweaty tush.

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