Monday, December 19, 2011

Fitting in Exercise

The other day a friend asked how I fit exercise into my life.  The answer is complicated.

  • I don’t belong to a gym
  • I do have a helpful husband with sometimes 4 days off
  • I don’t have family to help
  • I do have a treadmill in my garage but I prefer outside walking
  • I don’t currently pay for any exercise service (no trainer)
  • I have my kids 24/7/365 with some minor exceptions
  • I do have a husband who works 40 hours in 3 days (sat, sun, mon) and occasionally OT days which means he doesn’t exist for 3 days every week.  Luckily he doesn’t travel. 

To start off I have only been successful in the exercise department lately.  My weight, my head and my food choices are completely out of whack.  Other than a few breaks here and there (sick, vacay, etc) exercise is the only thing I have been successful at.  It’s not enough, FOOD is where I need to work.  I have to eat nearly perfectly to affect my weight loss.

As far as exercise concerned and how I manage to do it, the answer is multi layered.  When I was consistently doing kettlebells my trainer would allow me to bring the kids.  My trainer kept them under control and they listen to him perfectly.  Just recently I started kettlebell again with a friend.  I go to her garage at 645am before the family needs me.  It has to be on hubby’s off days.

For now with the walking (half marathon training) it’s complicated. At times I do have to take my 2 year old.  If I keep in constant motion and supply him with snacks he stays in the stroller.  Sometimes he naps in it, which is good and bad.   Other toddler free occasions he is either with my husband, with my friend or with a sitter I pay.  The friend I am training with sometimes doesn’t walk but offers to watch the boys to allow me to walk.  I recently found a younger, yet certified sitter.  She only charges me $5 for both kids.  I can’t do early mornings (before 6am).  I like my alone time in the evening so I don’t go to bed early enough to do early morning.  The time that has been working best is right after school drop off for the 7yo, then I have only 1 kid to deal with, most days.  As the day progresses so do the excuses.

I am a scheduler.  I have a color coded outlook calendar I check often, it has all 4 family members on it.  One trick is that on Sunday I review the week and see where I can fit in my exercise.  Sometimes I even add my exercise to the schedule like this week.


Sorry my posts have been infrequent.  I am working on fitting it all in and keeping everyone (including myself) happy.


  1. Hey - but you are fitting them in and that is important!! You are getting applause from me...schedule and all, every little bit counts!! Good luck with the half marathon training.


  2. you are the role model for us all.

  3. Miz I wish that were even remotely true. I still have a nearly 20 pound gain I can't seem to even get a single pound off. I wish the formula was 80% exercise and not 80% food. If it was I would be 125 pounds by now.
    Amy - finding fit me