Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekly Weight In 11/15/11

Weight = 202.2
Loss = –2.6 *

* from my high recorded on 11/13 of 204.8

I’m back.  My weekly weight ins are back.  On Sunday morning I said enough, I goal planned and planned my next 2 weeks.  With my goal plans in mind I said on Tues I will be 202.  I even put it and my exercise plans on on calendar.  I never said I wasn’t anal.


Back to basis here.  Slow and steady.  As my trainer said the other day.  There is no new plans, pill or shot.  I know what to do.  His words – DIET, EXERCISE, DIET, and DIET.  I define diet as anything I put in my mouth.

On a side note I have have been in an organization and purge mode.  It feels great to clear out some clutter around here.  I don’t know where the motivation came from.  I think it stems from hubby getting some big jobs done around the house.  It motivated me to continue the process and get the house in better shape.

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