Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekly Weight In 11/22/11

No weigh in today, I am out of town for the holidays.  My goal is 200 for this week and 199 for next week. 

The cold knocked me on my tush but I kept my weight under control.  I was sick Tues thru Sunday (Writing this on Sat pm so I hope I will be done by tomorrow).  Anytime I started to do more activity (everyday stuff) I would feel worse.  I lost my voice on Friday.

As I said before, being at my parent house is a challenge for me.  The food is the big issue since my mom stocks it with all the treats and yummies that I enjoy.  Since she raised me we have a tendency to enjoy the same food, within reason, go figure.  I am more adventurous than mom, I love sushi and fish, she won’t touch fish period.

Exercise is a challenge too.  One the place is so relaxing and its not my home so I don’t have to sweat all the details - so the last thing I want to do is get up and exercise.  Two – hubby has a tendency to let down his guard too and relax.  He pulls me in like a vortex.  Three – being in the mountains there is no sidewalks or well maintained routes and the elevation is much higher than I am used to at home.

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