Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1 Step Forward and 10 Back

My life seems to constantly in this cycle.

Yesterday I started feeling crappy.  Late in the afternoon I came down with a fever and my whole body ached.  Got a cold.  My little one had a fever last Sunday and now has a congested cough.

My plan was to do kettlebells on Tuesday and run / walk today.  No exercise on Tuesday and I am debating about today.  This is one time I can’t read my body correctly.  I know some people would still exercise (if no fever).  My body is screaming lay on the couch and watch TV all day.  Do I push forward or give myself another day.  I have a cough, I ache but I think no fever.  It’s 8:45 am here.  What would you do – Exercise or Relax? 

Even though I wanted to stress eat big time yesterday, I didn't.  I did eat my typical sick meal for dinner – Lipton noodle soup with saltines and a grilled cheese sammie.  The grilled cheese was on light bread.

I hate getting sick, especially when I am motivated and getting back on track.

The big suck is this cold / virus might ruin my thanksgiving plans.  Hubby had a lump in his throat this morning.  Our plans are to drive to my parents on Saturday.  We can’t exposed my mom to any colds since she is on anti cancer meds.

Side Note - My 3 foot high, 27 pound tornado pulled a fire alarm at school yesterday.  The whole school was evacuated and the Fire Dept. showed up.  I was in the PTA room helping count money.  The room has corners and nooks so I didn't have 100% eyes on him, obviously.  I love my life, I love my kids.

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